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Money Remittance Module

  • The "Money Remittance" module is designed to manage and process international money transfers and remittances. This module offers comprehensive solutions for sending and disbursing money transfers through an agent network, as well as connecting to international money transfer systems.
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  • Money Transfer Engine

    The core of the money transfer system, ensuring fast and secure execution of international transfers. This engine supports various types of transfers, including online transfers and transactions through agents with cash disbursement or payment, crediting to payment accounts, and bank cards.

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  • Agent Remittance Manager

    Provides your agents with functionality to manage transfers, including receiving and disbursing funds. This improves customer service and expands the service network.

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  • ID Verification

    Verification of the sender's and receiver's identities to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and prevent fraud.

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  • Flexible Commission and Fees Management

    Flexible management of commissions and fees, allowing the establishment of various rates depending on the type of transfer, direction, provider, amount, and other factors.

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  • FX Rates Management and Live Feeding

    Management of exchange rates and their real-time updates, providing competitive conditions for international transfers and an additional opportunity for earnings through rate adjustments.

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  • Card Payments

    Supports transfers to cards, allowing customers to make transfers using bank cards.

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