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Payments and Transfers Module

  • The "Payments and Transfers" module focuses on the processing and management of various types of payments and transfers.
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Payments and Transfers Module

  • SEPA Payments

    SEPA Payments

    Enables the execution of payments within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), allowing users to efficiently conduct cross-border transactions within the European Union.

  • WIRE Transfers

    WIRE Transfers

    Supports international bank transfers (Wire Transfers), making the process of sending and receiving large sums across borders fast and secure.

  • Domestic Payments

    Domestic Payments

    Manages domestic payments, enabling fast and reliable transactions within a single country.

  • Deposits by Card

     Deposits by Card

    Allows for the deposition of funds via bank cards, providing convenience and flexibility for users when replenishing their accounts.

  • Payouts to Card

    Payouts to Card

    Functionality for making payouts to bank cards, simplifying the process of refunding or distributing earnings to customers.

  • Online Management Reporting

    Internal Payments

    Manages internal payments and transfers between accounts within the system, enhancing efficiency and convenience for users.

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