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Crypto Module

  • The "Crypto" module is designed to manage cryptocurrency operations, providing a comprehensive solution for all aspects of working with digital currencies.
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  • Crypto Accounts

    Allows users to create and manage cryptocurrency accounts. These accounts support various types of cryptocurrencies, providing flexibility and convenience for storing and managing digital assets.

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  • Crypto Exchange

    The functionality of cryptocurrency exchange supports trading operations between different cryptocurrencies as well as between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This includes capabilities for executing trades at competitive rates.

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  • Deposits and Withdrawals by Crypto

    Enables the deposit and withdrawal of funds in cryptocurrency, making the process of financial transactions with cryptocurrencies simple and convenient for users.

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  • Crypto AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Compliance

    A compliance system for combating money laundering (AML) in the cryptocurrency space. It includes transaction monitoring and the identification of suspicious operations to prevent financial crimes.

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  • Scorechain Integration

    Integration with Scorechain provides advanced analysis of blockchain transactions, enhancing transparency and security in cryptocurrency operations.

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